How do I print pay checks?

Once you enter hours and approve payments, we instantly create paychecks and provide PDF files of the checks. You can then print the checks on your own printer, using check stock (sold separately).

How does direct deposit work?

Direct deposit allows you to transfer funds electronically from your U.S. bank account to your employees’ accounts. There is a 2-day lead time for direct deposit. For example: approve direct deposits on Tuesday by 6pm(ET) to guarantee they will arrive in your employees’ accounts on Thursday 11pm(ET) To set up direct deposit, you submit an authorization form and routing/bank account numbers for your bank account and each employee who wants direct deposit. Initial confirmation usually takes 2-3 ½ weeks. After that, you can do 2-day direct deposit.

How do I pay my employees??

You have 4 choices for paying employees with WorkGroup Payroll:

  • Direct deposit to their accounts
  • Print checks on check stock with your own printer
  • Hand write checks using our net pay figures; print stubs on plain paper
  • Debit/Paycard allows you to pay employees via direct deposit to their paycard. A great alternative to those employees challenged by the traditional banking system.