Payroll Debit Card – Visa or Mastercard

paycardThis payroll card benefits Employers by providing them with a cost-saving solution that replaces payroll checks and other paper payment disbursements.

Improve business productivity, logistics and time management by converting all employees to direct deposit.  Employees still getting checks are usually charged a transaction fee to cash their check at a bank or check cashing store.  Your employees can take all their money after every payday for ZERO – FREE.


  • Eliminate recurring costs of traditional paper paychecks, including postage, overnight delivery charges, and other expenses.
  • Decrease security risks with paperless pay statements, and avoid window envelopes that attract theft.
  • Reduce bank service fees, account reconciliation costs, and stop-payment fees for lost or stolen paychecks.
  • Manage final wage payments to terminated workers via instant payment to a paycard instead of a final paper paycheck via overnight delivery.
  • Simplify payments to employees, regardless of location.
  • Decrease paycheck fraud.