Workers’ Compensation

underconstructionManaging workers’ compensation premium payments is one of the many challenges small and midsize businesses face.  We can help you overcome this challenge.  We have teamed with many insurance carriers to offer workers’ compensation premium-calculation and payment services to our payroll clients. With this service, premiums for a workers’ compensation policy from one of our partners is calculated automatically and paid each payroll date. Because premiums are calculated based upon actual payroll, this automated payment service helps employers to better manage their cash flow. The use of our Workers’ Compensation Service helps you avoid the need for large up-front premium deposits (in many cases, NO deposit) and NO finance charges.  Our program helps to minimize unanticipated, large year-end audit adjustments due to inaccurate payroll projections.  We work with the carrier to make the audit painless.  In many cases, the audit is handled from our office!

Better Cash Flow Management For Your Business

  • No down payment
  • Workers’ Compensation premiums calculated on actual payroll
  • Automatic premium payment with each payroll, no checks or monthly bills
  • Eliminate or reduce large year-end audit adjustments

Benefits Administration For Your Business

  • Competitive insurance rates
  • Innovative products
  • Free responsive insurance consultation
  • 24-hour toll-free number to report claims
  • Safety Discount Programs
  • Drug Free Workplace Discounts
  • Dividends paid for accident free workplaces (depending on the state)