“Running payroll every week for my landscaping business was taking me almost 3 hours a week. My employees love the option of a paycard instead of a check. WorkGroup Payroll has made doing payroll really easy. It takes me 5 minutes now. ”

Alan G.

“We were sold by a large national payroll company, they told us how big they were. We were impressed, until we had a problem. The sales rep told me she couldn’t help me. Every time I called, I spoke to a different person. I left them because I was unhappy, but when I found out that WorkGroup offered personalized service for a lot less, I was embarrassed for using the Biggest Boy on the block.”

Sheila W.

“I love not having to fax or call in my payroll anymore. I can input and approve my payroll in minutes online. My employees like direct deposit too espanolfarmacia.net.  Now they don’t have to wait for their checks when I am not in the office.”

Jessica P.

“We were using a Quickbooks service to pay our employees. Everyone knows they are the cheapest self service payroll company. I was amazed to find out WorkGroup not only cost less, they do all the filings for me. They send me the payroll file to upload to my accounting program, no more double entries. ”

Sam K.